Uploading content via email allows you to upload content via email. This is extremely effective when you are gathering “completed” template files/inputs from many people (or) would like to create a journal of all interactions (or) simply save email attachments into a folder.

To upload content via email:

1. Select the appropriate folder where you would like to receive content via email

2. Select the More Options drop-down arrow to view a menu of options


3. Select Properties, Email Options to view the Folder Properties dialog box


4. In the Folder Properties dialog box, select Email Options and then check the Allow uploads to this folder via email check box.

5. A new textfield with an email address is displayed for you. Select the text and copy the email address. Now simply copy emails with attachment (or) instruct others to copy their emails with attachments to this email address.


6. Click Save to close the Folder Properties dialog box

That’s it. Now each time someone sends an email with an attachment to the address you gathered in Step 5, the attachment is saved to the folder.

This capability from is extremely handy when you are seeking templates/inputs from multiple stakeholders, journal all your email attachments, or simply email your attachments to the folder.

Video Tutorial

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