Business Model Innovation: Social-Enabled Economy

No discussion of social technology is complete without Facebook. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It precisely does that. It allows friends and families to stay connected, brands to connect with consumers and provides them with tools to share images, ideas, locations, habits,... Continue Reading →

The WhatsApp Economy

Recently, I was reading a post on WhatsApp its current phenomenal growth sans a revenue model. There was also some banter about why Facebook paid $16 billion to acquire it and then the rags to riches of how its founder Koum lived off food stamps. Coincidentally, soon after that I heard & witnessed stories of... Continue Reading →

Reinventing USPS – Anyone care?

How many business’ have the brand permission to visit every one of their customers, at their house, everyday? What would that be worth as a service? The USPS’ value is not about delivering mail, it’s their ubiquity – being everywhere. Squandering this ubiquity is a great example of not adjusting with times. Apart from discussing the options... Continue Reading →

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