How to Parse Namespaces using the Python RSS Parser?

In the last tutorial, we learned about how to build a Python based RSS Parser. Continuing that conversation and building on that tutorial, let’s now look at parsing Namespaces and Namespace specific elements. Getting Ready For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the file that we created in the previous tutorial. Parsing …

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Prevent hyperlink events from CSS3

Ever wondered if it possible to prevent a hyperlink from executing (i.e.) launch a new web page, a new window, display a HTML page, or simply prevent anything from happening when a link is clicked? It is possible using CSS3. All you have to do is add the following CSS3 declaration for the anchor <a> tag.

This prevents …

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Create a RSS Reader in Swift

The following steps are intended to let you create your own RSS Reader using Swift. Create a class called RssItem The RssItem is a class and each of the Rss XML attribute is a property of the class and save it as RssItem.swift.

Create a class called RssItemManager The RssItemManager is truly the parser. It …

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