How to Win With Your Digital Learning Strategy

Are you looking to use digital technologies as a differentiation within your corporate learning functions? Are you creating the next generation corporate university powered by digital? If yes, then please read on. The framework below is based on multiple years of digging heels hard and grinding away to building a digitally-enabled learning function. Digital Learning... Continue Reading →

Advancing Contextual Learning   Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and many of the successful enterprises do three things well - contextualize a vast amount of content, focus on building a loyal consumer habit, and then use the rich data to engage and enable consumers at an individual level. They shape consumer habits. There is a lot for L&D... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Social Learning Community

Building a cohort or community to enable learners to learn from each other has been a long discussed topic in the education/learning industry. We have called it social learning, peer-to-peer learning, and few others along the way. Typically, most of us have probably built communities around a class/event. The purpose & life span of these... Continue Reading →

Is your learning organization an emerging POD?

I actually started writing this post a while back but realized my thinking wasn’t distilled down. The primary reason was a conflict – learning or education is increasing becoming similar to retail conceptually – multiple channels, learner/customer experience, and learner/customer outcomes. The ancient usage of Bricks & Clicks, Bricks, Clicks or Flips, or any other... Continue Reading →

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